Our Team

Michelle Accardo_Account Manager_1

Michelle Accardo

Account Manager

Kevin Bates_Partner_1

Kevin Bates


Dan Beauregard_Financial Analyst_1

Dan Beauregard

Financial Analyst

Josh Beckman_Client Service Reprsentative_1

Josh Beckman

Account Manager

anet Belmore_Account Manager_1

Janet Belmore

Account Manager | Individual & Small Group

Judy Beneson_Financial Analyst_1

Judy Beneson

Financial Analyst

Bill Blank_Account Manager_1

William Blank, Jr.

Account Manager

Sara Bordener_Accounting Assistant_1

Sara Bordener

Accounting Assistant

Vera Cacaj_Client Service Representative_1

Vera Cacaj

Client Service Representative

RJ Cieslak_Account Director_1

RJ Cieslak

Account Director

Erin Clare_Account Manager_1

Erin Clare

Account Manager

Dan Cornwell


Joe Creal_Financial Consultant_1

Joe Creal

Financial Consultant

Sheri Crifasi_Account Director_1

Sheri Crifasi

Account Director

Laura Dickemann_Account Manager_1

Laura Dickemann

Account Manager

John Dillon_Client Service Representative_1

John Dillon

Client Service Representative

Matt Domsic_Financial Consultant_1

Matt Domsic

Financial Consultant

Stephanie Eagle_Director of Enrollment and Eligibility_1

Stephanie Eagle

Director of Enrollment & Eligibility

Dee Ebel_Senior Account Analyst_1

Dee Ebel

Senior Account Analyst

Andrea Edwards_Account Manager_1

Andrea Edwards

Account Manager

Tim Fazzini_Client Service Representative_1

Timothy Fazzini

Client Service Representative

arly_Final_Account Manager_1

Karly Final

Account Manager | Small Group

Tim Flint_Financial Consultant_1

Tim Flint

Financial Consultant

Stephanie Flowney_Account Manager_1

Stephanie Flowney

Account Manager

Brad Gardner_Account Director_1

Brad Gardner

Account Director

Bethany Grzegorczyk_IT Manager_1

Bethany Grzegorczyk

Information Technology Manager

Drew Higgerson_Account Director_1

Drew Higgerson

Account Director

Michael Jennings_Financial Consultant_1

Michael Jennings

Financial Consultant

Dawn Jones_Executive Assistant_1

Dawn Jones

Executive Assistant to Executive Chairman

Lynn Jones_Director of Finance_1

Lynn Jones

Director of Finance

Connie Kanoyton_Receptionist_1

Connie Kanoyton

Receptionist | Director of First Impressions

Cameron Kennedy_President_1

Cam Kennedy


Alma Ko_Marketing & Engagement Coordinator_1

Alma Ko

Marketing & Engagement Coordinator

Susan Loranger_Account Manager_1

Susan Loranger

Account Manager

Bobby Mangiapane_Partner_1

Robert Mangiapane


Ginny Mason_Account Manager_1

Ginny Mason

Account Manager

Mamie Mazzara_Account Manager_1

Mamie Mazzara

Account Manager

Kristen McDonald_Financial Analyst_1

Kristen McDonald

Financial Analyst

Drew McSkimming_Financial Advisor_1

Drew McSkimming

Financial Consultant

Brady Meldrum_Account Analyst_1

Brady Meldrum

Account Analyst

Kelly Miller_Administrative Assistant_1

Kelly Miller

Administrative Assistant

Gerry Miserendino_Account Director_1

Gerard Miserendino

Account Director

Albert Mitchell_Director of Exchange Solutions_1

Albert Mitchell

Account Director

Jordan Moorfoot_Exchange Solutions Specialist_1

Jordan Moorfoot

Exchange Solutions Specialist

Kyle Muxlow_Account Manager_1

Kyle Muxlow

Account Manager | Team Leader

Kristi Myers_Accounting Analyst_1

Kristi Myers

Accounting Analyst

Donna Naddaf_Account Manager_1

Donna Naddaf

Account Manager

Christine Nagy_Client Service Representative_1

Christine Nagy

Client Service Representative

Chris OToole_Financial Analyst_1

Chris O'Toole

Financial Analyst

Al Papa_Executive Chairman_1

Al Papa

Executive Chairman

Dana Pingatore_Human Resources Manager_1

Dana Pingatore

Human Resources Manager

Jon Pope_Partner_2

Jon Pope


Alex Quint_Financial Analyst_1

Alex Quint

Financial Analyst

Yaman Rayes_Director of Marketing_1

Yaman Rayes

Director of Marketing

Parker Rich_Benefits Administration Representative_1

Parker Rich

Benefits Administration Representative

Alix Rourke_Account Manager_1

Alix Rourke

Account Manager | Team Leader

Kelly Smiley_Client Service Representative_1

Kelly Smiley

Client Service Representative

Dan Taylor_Director of Operations_1

Daniel Taylor

Director of Operations

Brandon Turner_Financial Analyst_1

Brandon Turner

Financial Analyst

Mary Vargo_Account Manager_1

Mary Vargo

Account Manager

Rob Vogelei_Partner_1

Rob Vogelei


ina Woods_Executive Assistant_1

Tina Woods

Executive Assistant to CEO & President

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