Defined Contribution

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Why get stuck with a “one-size-fits-all” benefits plan, when your employees can find a “this-is-the-perfect-coverage-just-for-me” plan.

With Defined Contribution funding, employers can cap what they pay for group health plan coverage. Your employees save money because they don’t overspend on expensive benefits they won’t use. And you save money by controlling your budget and keeping costs contained year after year.


Your Employees…
Use your allocated dollar amount and decide which plans they want to buy.

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You Decide…
How much money you want to give your employees for benefits and what benefit products you’d like to offer.

Exchange Solutions

  • Complete enrollment & benefit administration platform
  • A wide variety of health plan options – both insured and self-insured – from numerous carriers across the country
  • Ancillary and voluntary benefits, including dental, vision, life, disability, accident insurance and more from leading carriers
  • Interactive decision support technology
  • simple & convenient to implement

For Employees


  • Easy to understand allowance concept
  • more freedom to choose a greater number of plan options
  • Potential for additional, more personalized coverage
  • An interactive benefits advisor helps employees decide which plan and benefits best fit their needs

For Employers


  • Control health benefit costs with a set
    budget & contribution amount
  • Recruit talent & retain employees by
    providing employer-funded benefits
  • Promote consumerism
  • Provide an engaging, intelligent and personalized retail experience for “consumer style” benefits shopping.