Qualified Plans

Do you offer your employees a 401(k) Retirement Plan?


Selecting a qualified retirement plan doesn’t have to be difficult. We can help.

Retirement plans are intended to help employees prepare for the future. But the seemingly endless choices can be overwhelming to evaluate. Our team offers a wealth of experience in every facet of retirement plan design and funding arrangements. We help you choose a plan that matches your business objectives and meets the needs of your employees.

  • We carefully assess the fees and benefits associated with a wide range of plans.
  • We build qualified plan options that reflect your business strategy.
  • We guide you through the complexities of compliance requirements and decipher plan disclosures to help you choose the right plan.

Left Side

Service offerings that help foster results & build mutual understanding.

Our ultimate goal is to help make sure that your plan’s needs are met and your employees’ retirement readiness is on track.

Right Side

  • Group Retirement Plans – 401(k), 403(b) & Defined Benefit
  • Fiduciary Compliance Strategies
  • Comprehensive Qualified Plan Analysis
  • Plan Design & Strategy
  • Platform Fee & Expense Benchmarking
  • 401(k) Participant Investment Education
  • Participant Transition Services
  • Investment Selection & Monitoring
  • Employee Engagement & Education Strategies

Our Approach

Our approach makes sure you choose a plan that’s easy to manage, maximizes service, and minimizes confusion, regardless of the size of your business.


What is and what isn’t working in your existing plan? Does it help you attract and retain top talent? Are you helping employees achieve their financial goals? Are you using all current plan options to the fullest benefit?


We benchmark your current plan fees and features against similar plans in the marketplace to ensure you are receiving the optimal benefit.


Based on our analysis, we provide a comprehensive evaluation to help you assess your current plan and identify opportunities. Our evaluation includes a wide range of options to enhance your current plan or identify a new plan, if appropriate.


We help to maximize success of your qualified plan by providing specific, targeted communication and education to your employee groups to make enrollment seamless for employees and plan administrators.


Our review process is designed to be collaborative and to foster ongoing dialogue between plan trustees, sponsors, and fiduciaries. We work to identify potential plan challenges and recommend adjustments along the way.

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